Oh, I see, cats will not drink water from their own bowl but they will drink water from the tray your succulents are sitting in

@dreadpirateyarr i’ve started having to leave “special” water around the house that looks like it’s mine to get my senior cats to drink bc they won’t touch their regular water dish anymore 😒

@dreadpirateyarr Ours love to drink from my glass of water by the bed. Or from the dogs' bowl. Stolen is definitely tastier!

@dreadpirateyarr ...or from any random puddle outside, or straight from the tap, or from the glass you were just drinking out of a second ago, or from the toilet...

@dreadpirateyarr Coz cat!

Our Freya won't drink water on the ground floor, it has to be on the 1st floor.

Honestly, what are cats even?

@dreadpirateyarr @GwenfarsGarden ours are back on their "I will only drink from really tall glasses now"

there are ikea pint glasses scattered all over the flat now, we have become cat waitresses

@GwenfarsGarden @dreadpirateyarr Our old cat would specifically ignore her water bowl in favour of requesting that you turn the tap on for her to drink from directly like a civillised being.

@Gaffen @GwenfarsGarden she makes me do that sometimes as well, I have to stand there by the sink like a butler

@Gaffen @GwenfarsGarden @dreadpirateyarr I knew a cat who did this, and I had the impression she preferred running water to standing water.

@GwenfarsGarden @dreadpirateyarr ours will only drink in the bathroom, from a Tony the Tiger bowl specifically

@dreadpirateyarr or out of glasses sitting next to your bed. No matter how low the water level is, which you did on purpose to try to dissuade them.

@dreadpirateyarr it is important to demonstrate that noone owns water

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