Holy fucking shit, this guy who I don’t know has been spamming me with messages and selfies and whatsapp calls all day so I blocked him and now he’s doing it from a different number

Unless you’re going to tell tell me where some secret treasure is buried, please fuck fuck off

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@dreadpirateyarr Whenever I get unwanted attention I just say "dude im 12"

@SuperGideon I’m surprised they don’t tell you ‘well, we have the perfect credit card offer for 12 year olds! Just send us your bank details...’

@dreadpirateyarr it usually goes like "Is your dad home son?" My dads dead sir "oh.."

@dmh jesus, I’m so tired that when this popped up I thought he’d actually found me on here for a second

@dmh lol, he’s the worst scammer of all time, getting blocked by people before he even gets to the scam because he keeps hammering them with messages saying ‘hy’

@Schizophrenicart thanks, pretty sure it’s just a spammer. Now that Facebook owns WhatsApp they’ve probably leaked everyone’s phone numbers all over the internet

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