As the anniversary of the Twitter Wave of 2018 approaches I’m pouring one out for the ones who slunk back to twitter to talk about *checks* politicians and the same bigoted twitter personalities that they’ve been complaining about for the past six years

@dreadpirateyarr I won't ever understand cause I never even got twitter when I was on it. I was very hesitant to join this cause I didn't get twitter. Turns out this has a very different appeal of actually being a nice community thing. Not some weird platform where you shout into the void for no reason. Fedi has a nice village atmosphere but without any of the bigotry.

@roxxers I joined it in 2007 I think? At the beginning it wasn’t so bad but it descended into the screaming matches and cliques and bigotry-enabling that you see today, I guess because the people running it realised that’s what gets the most attention. The fedi is definitely a lot better for my mental health

@dreadpirateyarr I was part of that wave. I still keep my Twitter account to check up on some friends and gardening people, who haven't moved here despite me trying. But I spend 95% of my time here. Masto has now become my default gardening and plant community that Twitter once was. I think community is the key word. Love this place!

@GwenfarsGarden I used to have a plant/gardening twitter account but I didn’t find the community all that active! It seems a lot better here

@dreadpirateyarr It took me years to really find a good gardening community on Twitter. And there was a brief couple of years where it was really good. But not anymore.

The gardening/plant community developed much quicker here and is much more engaging.

If I could just get my dozen friends to move here, I would close the account.

@dreadpirateyarr my name is Andy and I haven’t been on Twitter for 5 days 😂 TA


I regard Twitter robo-crossposts as the 'net equivalent of people dumping their trash on my lawn. Alas, I couldn't call the Fedi cops on principle even if they existed.

@xenophora I don’t even like seeing people linking to twitter posts, with that ‘🐦🔗’ symbol

Meta, Birdland, Hollywood "Activism" 

Meta, Birdland, Hollywood "Activism" 

Meta, Birdland, Hollywood "Activism" 

Meta, Birdland, Hollywood "Activism" 

@dreadpirateyarr my favorite is the people who were like "this social network doesn't have any of the qualities that make the other ones terrible. i'm LEAVING"

@dreadpirateyarr all those losers hanging out and making friends and not landing book deals

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