I have booped a cat on its nose so now my day is complete

White Americans: ahahah let’s laugh at silly foreigners’ accents
Also white Americans: I’m gonna drink some la croyks

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We’ve found the Irish version of Cards Against Humanity in the pub, it’s called ‘Ah Here Now’

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Gonna do this because I just told my friend about the bath salts man story and now she’s reading about it and I need to take my mind off it

Tonight I am the Maw Friend. The friend we’re staying with appears to be unconscious and she’s the only one who knows the way to her flat. I am quite drunk. It’s fine

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Spent the morning hanging out with Iron Age bog bodies in the National Museum in Dublin and now I’m chilling in a beer garden in lovely

I will never fave a subtoot post because I’m scared the response would be ‘... you exist, I suppose’

I survived the flight to Dublin, I live to toot another day

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