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I was promised ‘weird grave stones carved with skulls and other curious forms’ and boy did this graveyard deliver

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new introduction 

Hello, I’m Kirsty and I have ADHD so I’ve got about 3000 interests: horticulture, mandolin, punk, Gàidhlig, crafting such as knitting, sewing and embroidery, D&D, cooking/baking, makeup, spooky shit, ice hockey, video and board games... among a bunch of other stuff. I’m a bit grumpy but not overly mean I don’t think.

My cat is called Paws McGraw and she’s pretty much in charge.

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I don't wanna make people jump throgh a load of hoops before sending me a follow request, but if you do so please at least have a filled out bio and some posts

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personal boundaries 

🏴‍☠️ I’m fine with lewd joking around, just please don’t burst in with a direct sexual flirt when I’m talking about non-lewd things
🏴‍☠️ Please don‘t do ‘cuddly snuggly headpats uwu’ chat at me
🏴‍☠️ I prefer to be referred to as ‘nonbinary’ rather than ‘enby’

That’s all I can think of for now! 😁

I'm pretty sure that for the rest of my life, when I hear a 3 syllable phrase with a particular cadence, I will be unable to stop myself from inserting it into Foreigner's Hot Blooded

Spiced pumpkin! Check it and seeeeee
New toothpaste! Check it and seeeeee
Vin Diesel! Check it and seeeeee

selfie / eye contact
hello the wedding is lovely pls enjoy this incred outfit toilet selfie

my feet not touching the ground in this trolley seat is my Joker moment

guy in front of me at the supermarket got carded and didn't have ID so he just said 'please i'm 28 and i'm going bald'

type of guy who considers himself a good and conscientious leftist but never helps with the housework

Tarantula Picture in "News" Article 

"The No. 1 Sign There's a Tarantula in Your Home, Experts Warn"

(selfie / eye contact)
cut and dyed my hair for the wedding ✂️🍊

sorry but your behaviour tonight activated my RSD (really stupid dick ((i got horny))) 😔

D&D stuff 

This is the art i decided to use for my nature themed monk that focuses on the balance between harmony and discord. I get to play him Sunday and i can't wait. His name is Kreios

sudden urge to go to a funfair and win a giant inflatable mallet that squeaks when you whack someone on the head with it

a man walks into a gold bar 

and says "au"

Me on a long train ride across the countryside when a Belgian guy with a mustache sits down across from me, “ah fuck, shit”

good article about an ME/CFS patient's personal experience of Graded Exercise Therapy (i.e. it's harmful)

If you want to understand the ghillie suit motif 

One of my friends went to a school where there was one of those ROTC kids who was obsessed with like becoming a navy seal or something. So he would practice sneaking up on people with a ghillie suit on the schook campus outdoors--like he would do it during the middle of soccer games and shit, then get up and run to let people know he had been there the whole time.

mint soda?

There is a ghost haunting the— there is a spectre haunting the— A spectre is ghosting the— Europe is haunted by a— anyway it's communism time

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