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personal boundaries 

🏴‍☠️ I’m fine with lewd joking around, just please don’t burst in with a direct sexual flirt when I’m talking about non-lewd things
🏴‍☠️ Please don‘t do ‘cuddly snuggly headpats uwu’ chat at me
🏴‍☠️ I prefer to be referred to as ‘nonbinary’ rather than ‘enby’

That’s all I can think of for now! 😁

Employers: so competent that they advertise a job in ‘Glasgow city centre’ which turns out to be in a town several miles outside Glasgow

Mother by Danzig, but it's just about someone who's really into moths

some donegal west coast pictures, including some very high cliffs

Mairéad again has taken a lot of better ones so i'll post some up when she's done her edit but for now here's a bit of what my phone saw...

letting the men disembark the cruise ship first because it's i before he except after sea

me: just finished a shift at the dick sucking factory. boy am i tired

at dave at foss land dot org: i dont think its possible to industrially produce dick sucking?

fucked up that gary numan is older than gary oldman

promoting myself to Girl Boss by drinking out of a glass with 'male tears' emblazoned on the side and absolutely not thinking about the nuanced way gender fucks us all up

my friend's mum used to crush egg shells before throwing them away, which she put down to a superstition that if you threw away an intact eggshell, a witch would use it as a boat

fucked up that i still don't understand shit even after i watched like all of clarissa explains it all


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“I’m not satisfied with Black trans lives mattering; I want Black trans lives to be pleasurable, and to be filled with lush opportunities. I want the abundance we’ve gifted the world... to be offered back to us tenfold.”


making an alt for the bog mummy i'm about to become

hanging near a fae mound, trying to pitch bitcoin to the visibly uninterested goblins

Today I went to a goat farm (one of these pictures has me in it, try to guess which one I am)

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