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Officially got my HNC with an A overall, I guess I know some stuff about plants 🌱


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Wondered why the hell it’s still light outside then I remembered it’s the solstice

I will absolutely not see the attached vlog from Richard Lochhead, Minister for Further and Higher Education

I don’t know what a zaddy is, and I think I’m okay with that

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Stop milking hams, you’re stealing from the baby hamlets who need to suckle that milk from the teats of the mother ham

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Just remembered standing at the bar on Friday night and hearing an American girl say to her friends ‘something I’ve learned about Scottish people... they really like Dolly Parton’ and I was tempted to swing round and say ‘Dolly Parton is a FUCKIN ANGEL, IS THERE A PROBLEM HERE’

Reading the ‘don’t get married in America’ spam in a Mickey Mouse voice is making my day

My plan to do lots of productive and cultural things seems to have mysteriously turned into playing Kingdom Rush in my jammies

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