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personal boundaries 

Just remembered the very very heterosexual Michael Buble cover of Santa Baby

People can say what they want about being leftist and inclusive and whatever but just know that POC are watching your actions. Don't just talk about it, be about it

Who do you actually stand up for?
Who do you stand up against?
What do you put up with or excuse?
What "jokes" do you make?

'Pro-black' doesnt mean 'anti-white people' but 'Pro-white' has always tended to mean 'anti-black people'


this literally has to be the best norman architecture in the world. 12th century. knocked my absolute dick off I could not believe this space. chapter house for what was an augustinian house, now Bristol cathedral. unreal I couldn't even photograph the decoration properly

my fuckin TRANSLATION PROJECT that i've been working on is finally finished and available!! Pere Ubu's Almanac is a hefty zine create by Alfred Jarry, the guy behind Ubu Roi and Exploits & Opinions of Dr Faustroll, in 1899. i don't think it's ever appeared in english translation before and i may have done a cack-handed job of it because i am a baby who has somehow learned to use a computer!! NEVERTHELESS

for god's bloody sake ive just found the norman chapter house in bristol cathedral I'm going to shit myself

a father asks his son what he’s drinking. the son says “soy milk” the dad responds, “hola milk, soy dad”

So, Joe Rogan had Jordan Peterson on his podcast recently (EP. 669) and they talked about alternative social media websites to Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc. Turns out that made Jordan Peterson curious, so he joined Mastodon recently. Follow Jordan Peterson: @swampwitch69 :peterson:

work is slightly more tolerable these days since I invented a cool new game to pass the time called "Steal Absolutely Everything"

my uncle is talking about pointing your bare arsehole at the sunrise. who the fuck off here has been talking to him

-, anti-blackness, hatred towards black women 

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