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I wondered where George had been all day and heard grunting from the wardrobe, he's in our box of underwear

Dear blackbird outside my window: whatever has startled you, I’m pretty sure it’s left with a headache by now after you’ve been going ‘CHEEPCHEEPCHEEPCHEEPCHEEP CHEEPCHEEPCHEEP CHEEP CHEEPCHEEPCHEEP’ for the past ten minutes

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I heard a duck quacking the other day and thought I was losing it

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It was probably worth not getting myself thrown out of my neighbourhood facebook group as one of my neighbours just posted photos of a duck that’s made a nest in a plant pot on her balcony

bandits love to carry signed orders from their boss with their future meeting place and then die somewhere to imply that the fiction still takes place when the protagonist isnt looking

science fiction: in the future, robots will do everything a human can!


@byttyrs she's a "marketing tool" developed by a tech startup as a "solution" for problems certain brands have with appealing to particular demographics: millennials/gen z, queer ppl, POCs

Basically she's a 3D digital model of a fictional like... 19 y/o iirc? queer POC girl who is a "virtual influencer" on instagram. She has 2.1M followers, and is notably featured in a Calvin Klein commercial where she kisses a straight girl and it's passed off as "LGBT representation"

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