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I was promised ‘weird grave stones carved with skulls and other curious forms’ and boy did this graveyard deliver

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new introduction 

Hello, I’m Kirsty and I have ADHD so I’ve got about 3000 interests: horticulture, mandolin, punk, Gàidhlig, crafting such as knitting, sewing and embroidery, D&D, cooking/baking, makeup, spooky shit, ice hockey, video and board games... among a bunch of other stuff. I’m a bit grumpy but not overly mean I don’t think.

My cat is called Paws McGraw and she’s pretty much in charge.

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I don't wanna make people jump throgh a load of hoops before sending me a follow request, but if you do so please at least have a filled out bio and some posts

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personal boundaries 

🏴‍☠️ I’m fine with lewd joking around, just please don’t burst in with a direct sexual flirt when I’m talking about non-lewd things
🏴‍☠️ Please don‘t do ‘cuddly snuggly headpats uwu’ chat at me
🏴‍☠️ I prefer to be referred to as ‘nonbinary’ rather than ‘enby’

That’s all I can think of for now! 😁

What Percentage Of People At The Train Station Are On Their Way To A Booty Call?!

Which TNG episode is the one with the Space Irish, it feels like it must be a season 1 episode but I can’t find it

Hi there, fedi! 🥺

So, I managed to pay 2 months of electricity but I'm still 1 months late as this month's bill won't go through.
I still owe 2.100€ to the electricity company and I'm 500€ short for this month if anyone can help. 😔

I only have 50% of my salary because of my sick leave made since last October for my burn out and my rent and the pidges food are the only things I can afford paying.

Thank you so much ❤️

My PayPal is


If you make something, let me know. What are your arts, your crafts, etc. Things that you do or build or act or play or what have you. Reply to this post with the things that you do


somehow this will be the thing that breaks me today

I just said the words ‘comrade goblin’ and P McG lifted her head and said ‘rrrrrrp?’

CW: Selfie, eye contact 

Haven't done a #MascMonday in a while. Happy #FatBoySummer everyone! Is it time to get a haircut yet?

eugen thinks people want features like federation etc. what we really want is a pinned toot that shows what we’re currently playing on spotify

CW: This is going to be a thread about my experiences with miscarriage, physically and mentally, and how miscarriages affected by laws regarding abortions. It will contain details.

I’ve never noticed it before but one just scared me with a ghostly wail

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Why do teslas make such a creepy noise when they reverse

Truly remarkable how Elon Musk can be so completely unhinged while still being extremely boring

I'm imaging this on my bed and presenting it to people without really acknowledging it.

one of the problems with dumb meaningless groupings like "AFABs", "womxn", "people of ovular experience" is that they're more interested in establishing Human Resources categories for diversity and inclusion corporate programmes than in building coalitions for change

racial & reproductive justice in the US, how to help 

Black women in the South have been bracing for Roe's fall for decades:

if you live in a state that still has access to abortion, especially if that access seems pretty secure for now, consider becoming a regular donor to a reproductive justice organization in the South, such as those mentioned in this article:

fundrasing. abortion clinic in MD 

Baltimore Abortion Fund shouted out this abortion clinic that is starting up to provide all tri-mester abortion services in Maryland

If you can donate to helping another abortion clinic being built that is great!
We need money in abortion funds. We also need More clinics in our states that have good laws because they will have to service so many people

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