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I was promised ‘weird grave stones carved with skulls and other curious forms’ and boy did this graveyard deliver

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new introduction 

Hello, I’m Kirsty and I have ADHD so I’ve got about 3000 interests: horticulture, mandolin, punk, Gàidhlig, crafting such as knitting, sewing and embroidery, D&D, cooking/baking, makeup, spooky shit, ice hockey, video and board games... among a bunch of other stuff. I’m a bit grumpy but not overly mean I don’t think.

My cat is called Paws McGraw and she’s pretty much in charge.

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I don't wanna make people jump throgh a load of hoops before sending me a follow request, but if you do so please at least have a filled out bio and some posts

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personal boundaries 

🏴‍☠️ I’m fine with lewd joking around, just please don’t burst in with a direct sexual flirt when I’m talking about non-lewd things
🏴‍☠️ Please don‘t do ‘cuddly snuggly headpats uwu’ chat at me
🏴‍☠️ I prefer to be referred to as ‘nonbinary’ rather than ‘enby’

That’s all I can think of for now! 😁

americans, witnessing the effects of capitalism: hmm, reminds me of Communism :thinking_fire:

hey y’all i am scheduled to have top surgery in april, which means i will need to have my bill paid by the end of march. i am paying out of pocket bc my insurance doesn’t cover it. between savings and donations i am over halfway there but still need help

if you would like to donate or share my gfm i would be forever grateful. i am also open for commissions and such, most of which gets set aside for my surgery. thank you 🖤

I wish there was a way to filter words but only when people are being horny about them

i did a soft launch of my shop and then just, never posted about it lmao.....

anyway i have some new buttons, including the gouache and colored pencil buttons, and i'll be adding in a couple more things this week!

I rage-quit the bus and bought an emotional support fern on my walk home

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If Scottish people had come up with this idea they’d be ripping us to shreds

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I see the English have discovered Irn Bru and are covering tofu in it

And the annoying wee wanks are spreading a plague at the same time because they won’t wear masks

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Except now it’s even better because the loud music is punctuated by people saying obnoxious catchphrases

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Love how tiktok has brought back the ‘annoying wee wanks on the bus playing loud music out of their phones’ fad. Really great

wordle, screenshot 

Wordle 212 3/6

Think this is my first with no yellow squares

(I’m going to have to keep explaining this to everyone on here outside Scotland/Ireland, amn’t I)

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I’m only sad that I didn’t notice this graffiti at Christmas time

someone on piratebay has uploaded 60 episodes of the benny hill show (1986) in 1080p in the last few days. big week for benny boys

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