Just £677 to go and its another debt paid off. A long way off but nowhere near as bad as it started. Silver linings etc

It's gonna take me about 6 months to settle it because poor but it still feels positive-ish

Some people have asked if they can help a little with my debt.

So its my birthday soon! (21st July) so if you'd buy me a drink irl could you maybe consider sending £3 instead to help me pay some debt off?

The three smallest ones I have remaining are

Thank you 💜


My bills go out tomorrow and I don't have enough money to cover them, and I'm still waiting to hear back about a debt management plan. Please help if you can, boosts are much appreciated

Scared to wake up in the morning knowing I'll be at least £200 short for the direct debits

Woken up to the inevitable 'missed payment' emails and texts and I'm sure the calls will follow 🤢

I'm £232 short, please please help & boost if you can! Thank you



Got a £70 payment due tomorrow 😣

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