After scraping together every last penny to pay for my grandma's funeral, I'm now in debt up to my eyeballs. Around £150 should cover food + bills for the next few weeks and anything else would be a huge bonus as we're around £1500 in debt now.

Any help would be very much appreciated 💖 + boosts @mutualaid

I literally have £3 in my bank after bills went out today and don't get paid for another 2 weeks so any help is so so so appreciated 🙏

Sorry will be boosting this a lot because desperate 🥴

This has been made even worse by a Natwest issue where they're taking duplicate payments with no timescale for resolution. Life hates me

I know I've posted this a lot but please boost if you can 🙏 just trying to get by after a really bad time 💖

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