After a nightmare few months with big vets fees to pay (even when insured) for my late dog, we are short on rent this month.

To make things worse the car failed its MOT, the burglar alarm is broken and we still have a leak under the shower

If anyone can help at all, either financially or by boosting I'd appreciate it SO much 💜

I've worked out I need to earn around £500 extra a month at the moment to keep my head above water/pay my debt off faster. Now just to figure out how

Pls don't say OnlyFans I'm the least sexy person in the whole world

In fact one of my debts only has £346 left on it and if i could pay it off thats £115 a month more I'd have. oooooh

I didn't realise it only had 3 repayments left lol

If you could boost this I'd appreciate it so much 💕I really am in a bad place at the moment and I've had about 3 hours of sleep in 2 days

I'm applying for loads of weekend jobs...but nothing 😭

I can't even try to start some kind of little business on the side because I have zero talent lol

@dockers I can totally relate to your pain and anxiety right now 😔

Right now I'm not sure where my rent is coming from, and my stress levels and pain are through the roof. Right now my stress is so bad I'm dizzy and having chest pains but I'm hoping things get better. They have to right? 🤕🙏🏻

Things will look up, just hang in there. If you want someone to you can dm me anytime.

@dockers Anyone who suggests OF to you clearly has NOT read your profile


@dockers oof that’s a thought one! How much debt do you have left?


@moiety around £18k after the operation I had this year. Anything helps really but £500/month would help me pay it off in 2 years rather than 5, which is very important as we need to move house asap and can't do that with the debt. My salary just about gets me breaking even atm.

The trouble is I'm not artistic or talented! Applied for a few weekend customer service type jobs but never hear back 😬 so much competition out there


@dockers ugh, I hope you figure something out soon!

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