Are there any unions out there specific to tech jobs? My last one was specifically for the arts, so I need to find a new one!

I know I could just google it but recommendations are always better 🙂

Boosts are ok! +

@dockers the tech industry has historically been pretty strongly anti union because of its ties to venture capitalists... buy google and Facebook employees formed the uk's first tech trade union last year so there might be others by now? google isn't helping much

@dockers I'm a member of a danish IT professionals union called Prosa, and we've apparently been a member-union of the ICTS-sector of UNI Global Union for more than a decade.
I don't know whether there are any unions local to you organized under that umbrella, but it might be a starting point? I'm not sure how to find other member unions of UNI, though :/


UNI Global Union, ICTS sector:

@dockers Checkout UTAW in the UK. They're new but they're aiming to be that.

@dockers i know my uncle is in a tech union. I forget which though. I'll ask him!

@dockers I'm in unite, they're far from perfect but they're also general enough that they'd make do until something dedicated came along

@xmakina yeah I hear good things about Unite so definitely an option!

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