Is anyone else really tired all day but then can't get to sleep at night? Its like I suddenly come alive at 9pm, only get 6 hours sleep (not enough for me) then the cycle repeats


I need 8 hours of sleep to function properly, 9 or 10 hours to feel good & refreshed.

How about you?

(Boosts good for a wider sample)

Going to track my sleep for a while and see if I can work out why I'm always so tired!

So. The tracking says I got 8hrs 1min of sleep last night. But in 3 sections. And most of it was 'light sleep'.

Explains a lot 😒

@dockers I generally get 7-8 hours during the working week, and every few weeks have a couple of 10-11 hours sessions to catchup.

@dockers Can function for extended periods on 6. 8-9 to feel at my best.
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