How long does it usually take you to fall asleep?

Feel free to expand on your answer as a reply

Boost for a larger sample size 💕

Thanks so much for all the responses to this!! I feel more normal now - I saw that the average person takes 10 minutes to fall asleep?!? It takes me hours!

@dockers less than one hour if I ensure I can't access my phone, probably more like hours plural typically

@dockers less than 15 minutes but only because I take melatonin most nights

@dockers Hard to say, def over the 30 minute mark but I don't go "It is 12:43, I am now falling asleep. Huzzah!" so it's hard to tell


all depends on how much I want to watch or read something before bed, alas


@dockers adhd meds have actually done a good job of regulating my sleep cycle because when they wear off at night I get tired so it no longer takes me hours to fall asleep

@dockers it depends. Most of the time, it's under 30 minutes, but there's some magic threshold of tiredness in me - if I cross it (by staying up too long), it'll take a long, miserable hour (or more) for the brain to finally shut down and let me sleep.

That state is super bad, because I have a small kid that likes to wake in the middle of the night and start talking or making noises - if that happens, my brain goes to emergency attention mode, and good bye to any chance of sleep for the next 30 minutes.

i have habitual insomnia, so if i try to go to bed at a specific time instead of just when i'm tired enough to pass out more or less immediately, it takes me upwards of an hour. i've kept myself up just thinking, and i don't know how to stop doing that, so

@dockers I definitely have no idea what time is when i'm trying to fall asleep? no? fucking? idea??

@dockers Once I've actually put it in my mind to sleep, I'm out like a light.

@dockers but only because I take meds to help me sleep, otherwise I would not fall asleep that fast

@dockers Depends. If I'm not sleeping alone, usually less than half an hour. If I am, usually more than an hour.

@dockers usually within 1 hour on good days, but more than 1 hour on bad days, so uh, which one should i pick?

@dockers used to be consistently 90+ mins but now it's like 15-30

@dockers Bimodal. Is my rhythms are working right, about 10-25. If they aren't, it averages around 2 hours, provided I don't give up, attempt a frustration all-nighter and feel like shit the next day.

They've worked a lot better more consistently since getting on estrogen

@dockers usually under an hour, maybe even under half an hour, but I also use melatonin very regularly

@dockers @monsterblue Varies wildly with mental health status. Anything from a few minutes to an hour or two.

@dockers I fall asleep quickly but take a long time to fall back asleep if interrupted (this means I can't sleep in if I wake up early on weekends :/)

@dockers It either under ten minutes or at least half an hour, depending on how exhausted and/or relaxed I am.

@dockers "boost for a larger sample size" is an irresistible call to action. I am offended at how well this worked on me.

@dockers if I'm doing healthy things like sleeping when tired, then quick. Otherwise it can take longer.

@dockers An hour if I am lucky. Sometimes way more.

@dockers I'm curious... Do you feel tired earlier? Like 7 ish?

@dockers 5min with my light sleeping pill
1h when doing naturally

But insomnia can occur even with sleeping pills
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