The exhaust just fell off our car hahah what the fuck, life

We only even have a car because family gifted it down to us 5 years ago, so it is an old car but still...why

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Urgent help request, car repairs, boosts + 

Ok we took the car to be fixed and its going to cost £511+VAT as they did the MOT and found some other stuff too.

If anyone can help I'd appreciate it so much as I have a hospital appointment I need to get to on Friday and will need the car 😑

CashApp: £SDockers

Think I'll have to try to reschedule the hospital appointment until we can afford to get the car fixed. I don't feel safe on public transport due to covid & my health conditions, and its a long journey (train, tram and bus)

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I've waited 3 months for this appointment lol I have the worst luck

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