Also my wishlist is in my bio and I will accept late valentines presents, thanks

Woke up to 100+notifications I wasn't expecting 🤣

@dockers I've been getting totally unsolicited compliments on my makeup for two days which is weird because I literally hadn't touched any makeup two weeks ago

I can't figure out how to respond to compliments and usually end up blurting "...really?" in an I-don't-believe-you voice

@ak I'm no good at advice for accepting compliments - when someone says they like my brows I usually say 'thanks I grew them myself' or if they like my hair 'yeah I washed it for once' 🤦‍♀️🤣

@dockers i think this is a funny joke thank you for posting feel the berni yeah!

@dockers I'm feeling a bit lonely and strange today. The last two days were a dream, right?

@dockers let me know the secret to getting it. Because being yourself/a real human being absolutely isnt it

@ItsJenNotGabby nobody cares unless you're stunning supermodel material and/or dying, I've found

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