@pony @trickster @dockers why? it's been one of the largest supermarkets for years

@steph @dockers @trickster yeah but for the last 10 years, they’ve been just losing money, closing stores and even completely abandoning countries, i think

@dockers @pony @steph they're feeling the squeeze from Aldi and Lidl, even domestically, had to cut like 9000 jobs earlier this year as they started phasing out fresh food counters

@trickster @dockers @pony looking back at their previous earnings calls, they've had some bad times until 2016 but they've been well in the green since then

@dockers was chuckling until I got to "A British Classic" and then I lost it

@dockers its edited but good god is it horrifyingly accurate lmao

@dockers admittedly shouldve checked your bio beforehand but aye

though i feel like it'd be more on point if it weren't tesco

maybe waitrose or m&s food

would take asda at a push

@dockers famous or not, youve given us all a gift, thank you

@dockers you know youve made one of those forever posts don't you

@dockers weirdly, I feel that the "soft, fluffy inside" part is very hopeful. I mean, we are talking about the people with flowers on their hair, something could be done to retrieve them (?)

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