Things are tough right now with debt, especially after having time off work to have an operation

If you can help at all I'd appreciate it SO much

Thank you πŸ’›

Just had another emergency vet visit with Ziggy, ffs. Cut paw this time 😩

£94 for a paw clean, bandage and some antibiotics ☻

I feel like the worlds biggest dick but like I have no other option

Over my overdraft again now, this month has been so hard

Anything at all helps πŸ™ I wouldn't be posting if I wasn't desperate (sorry)

@dreadpirateyarr he's so accident prone :blobcry: the vet said it's normal because he's so active but it still worries me haha

@dreadpirateyarr my brother is off work today so he's currently under a blanket on the sofa having snuggles!

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