This is the very expensive list of books I need for my thesis research :blobcry:

I'm distance learning and not on campus so I don't have a nearby academic library to access them.

I know this is a long shot but does anyone have any of these that I can purchase second hand?

Thanks I'll love you forever :blob_blowing_kiss:

Please boost if you can as there may be some secret marketers in your followers!

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If I can manage to get them, I plan to give them to another student next year for free because the price of education is just wrong

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I now have one thanks to a very kind friend ❤️

15 to go 🙄

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I now have downloads of some of them but I'd still love a paper copy if anyone has one as I find them easier to read from 😊

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Look what arrived today gift wrapped with a good luck note 😭

Masto pals are the best 💜

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@dockers I'm a student in Manchester so if I can get you anything from the library or whatever, let me know?

@dockers a quick glance and I already found a couple of these on here, see how many you can get for free before you poor money into the corporate machine.

@dockers I researched all titles on Libgen for you and pasted the links into this Pastebin:

@dockers Did you check the availability of a interlibrary loan? In Germany I could loan books by a library system or post, even if my local one, did not have this books. You just have to ask or do some phone calls. However take care of your study. I am sure you will done this right.

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