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With the meta stuff going round I feel like I need to repeat this:

If I'm interacting with or following a person who has done something Bad, it will be because I don't know what has happened. Please do tell me rather than thinking that I condone their behaviour, so I can take the right action.

Thanks pals πŸ’œ

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Medical, chronic illness 

Because I post about being ill a lot, here is a post with things I have been diagnosed with:

β€’ PCOS
β€’ Endometriosis
β€’ Asthma
β€’ Bipolar disorder
β€’ Anxiety disorder
β€’ Anaemia
β€’ Underactive thyroid

Also currently looking into the possibility I have chronic fatigue syndrome

So there you go, should explain it a bit πŸ˜…

If you have any questions about anything, feel free to ask

So tired but in so much pain. Not a good combination

My old job have realised they're fucked without me cos I'm the only one who ever did any work, and have started sending begging messages for me to go back. Almost as if they should have shown me more respect and paid me more for everything I did in the first place isn't it?

I'm the most anti-bride bride in the world.

Don't like wedding dresses. Don't want a first dance. Don't want too many people there.

Basically I want to be married without actually having a wedding. Good job really because I'm poor πŸ˜‚

GoFundMe, please boost πŸ’› 

Hi everyone, please could you boost this for me. Even Β£1 helps. Thank you πŸ’›

today devs get 100% of revenue on itch, so and I have put our games together in a bundle~!

you get Marshmallow in Fruit Land, Super Climb Up, Pizza Time Explosion, and Pyo, all for $5~! and you support a couple of trans gamedevs~

Bed time reading. Getting ready for coding school as my job are getting me a place there 😁

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My job is kinda...great? Just found out I get 22 sick/rest days. TWENTY TWO. Then holidays on top of that??? How did this happen to me

Anyone got a discount code for Rightmove? πŸ˜‚

Everyone was lovely, but the travel there and back etc has really messed with my chronic pain. Feel very lucky that I can work from home as much as I want. Been in a world of pain since I got home and currently in bed with heat pads. Glad I went in to meet everyone though πŸ’š

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Dreading getting on a train too, but Uber is Β£30 and that's not in rush hour πŸ₯²

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First day in person at the office in my new(ish) job tomorrow and I'm so nervous I could cry.

I know I can do the job, I've spoken to them all on Slack/Zoom for months, so why do I feel like they'll all hate me???

Waking up to 'defund the police' images in the work group chat 😍😍😍

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