I'm only in one Discord group and we're all pretty chill and like cute animal photos and watch tv together

Is this why I miss all the meta drama


I work in a tiny village and there's a po po helicopter out and I REALLY need to know what's happening

They can be best pals. Ziggy and Jeff 😭❤

I think my parents are ready to adopt again now too after losing our family dog last year, so I'm trying to get them to meet an 8 month old lurcher called Jeff who is GORGEOUS

What kind of monster abandoned him THREE TIMES he's so perfect (and a little bit mischievious but we love that)

In a better mood today because its a long weekend coming up and it's going to be sunny so I can get Ziggy's pool out in the garden 🐾❤

I have enough for prescriptions, travel to hospital and some food until pay day, thank u so much 💕💕💕

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meta, drama, probably the only thing I'm going to say on this issue 

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an open letter to the person who's thinking about speaking out, but is afraid: 

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This discussion about creeps is making me feel a bit bad...I use names a lot like bb/babe/darling etc and I always have, I just think it's cute, but if it makes you feel uncomfortable PLEASE let me know x


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I feel like I've wasted 8 years on someone who just isn't that arsed about me

I am this 👉 👈 close to ending my relationship and just living on my own with Ziggy.


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