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With the meta stuff going round I feel like I need to repeat this:

If I'm interacting with or following a person who has done something Bad, it will be because I don't know what has happened. Please do tell me rather than thinking that I condone their behaviour, so I can take the right action.

Thanks pals πŸ’œ

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Medical, chronic illness 

Because I post about being ill a lot, here is a post with things I have been diagnosed with:

β€’ PCOS
β€’ Endometriosis
β€’ Asthma
β€’ Bipolar disorder
β€’ Anxiety disorder
β€’ Anaemia
β€’ Underactive thyroid

Also currently looking into the possibility I have chronic fatigue syndrome

So there you go, should explain it a bit πŸ˜…

If you have any questions about anything, feel free to ask

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I need to get it resized but I also don't want to be without it!! Going to a local jewellers soon and hoping they can do it same day.

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My ring is white sapphire and I love it. My grandma and mum both have sapphires so it feels extra special. Plus I don't like diamonds and they're too expensive anyway!!

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Rishi Sunak *painting a wall*
Mrs Sunak: you’ve missed a bit
Rishi Sunak: yes

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Also it's pay day for my temp job and I haven't been paid πŸ’€

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Good afternoon to everyone apart from Rishi Sunak

It's cute they're invested in us and want to see it happen but I'm going to be anxious now haaa

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My friends keep telling me they think my bf is going to propose on our anniversary tomorrow and now I think I'll be really disappointed if he doesn't. ffs πŸ™„

Urgent help request, Β£ for rent & vets bill 

I've just done my sums and due to only getting half a wage this month (lost job & starting new one) I'll be Β£115 short on rent.

Also one of my dogs has got conjunctivitis and we have a Β£105 vets bill to pay - we are insured but we have a Β£100 excess. This was over a week ago and we still haven't been able to pay.

If anyone can help I'd appreciate it so much πŸ˜ŠπŸ’›

CashApp: Β£SDockers

About to have a shower (to wash hair) AND a bath (for pain)

So glad we're not on a water meter πŸ˜…

Not something I make a habit of doing anyway but very much needed today

Before using a pronoun in a toot I always check the person's profile. It takes about 2 seconds to not be a dickhead x

Before using a pronoun in a toot I always check the person's profile. It takes about 2 seconds to not be a dickhead x

Having a Very Bad mental health & pain day so I'm going back to bed with a hot water bottle :blobcry:

Starting to doubt I'll ever be able to go back to work in the same industry. You can't announce further lockdown measures for another 6 months, but end furlough. Fuck the Tories.

The local community group kills me, surely this can't be real πŸ˜…

Benefits, UK 

She has several degenerative diseases and is actually much worse now than when we applied for DLA 16 years ago, but I'm still anticipating she'll be dragged through assessments and we'll have to fight for it. This government are evil.

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Benefits, UK 

Applied for PIP for my mum (she was on DLA for 16 years but now that's going to be PIP you have to reapply) about 8 weeks ago now.

The waiting is really affecting her mental health and its really unfair to mess with people's lives like this for so long

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