my very ambitious mohair sweater is coming along nicely, it just needs sleeves now look how cute it is so far 🧶


where are the of masto pls toot toot i wanna be your friend
feel like a gran using tags on here tbh lol

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@cruelintestines hi another knitter! ^_^ There's a bunch of us, though it's been fairly quiet lately.

@bouncinglime aaah nice to meet you, are you working on any knitting projects rn?

@cruelintestines ^_^ a lace sweater that's going very slowly, and a pair of worsted mitts that are going much more quickly. :p

Another knitter here! Haven't got any knitting going at the moment though - but embroidery and a crocheted cloak...

@cruelintestines So what are you knitting right now? I've got a cardigan and some socks going.

@deneb I've gone a bit wild in self isolation and have 3 sweaters, a crop top and a pair of socks on the go 😬

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