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uk benefits / ยฃ/$ help request 

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bc it's late in the year i am gonna start my thread of my fave albums in 2019 so uh here is that i guess

i'm on season 4 of csi and this episode they're at a very horny furry convention bc there's been a raccoon murder

i don't have to go outside today so maybe i shan't get out of bed at all

fallen behind on my knitting bc i re downloaded the my little pony game and it's the only thing i can give my attention now

just read the word "twinkling" and thought "ah, a small twink" I'm logging off forever

i have this book from the late 80s called "disney knits" and as you'd expect it's knitting patterns for various garments with disney owned characters on but they're all just a bit off and look like bootleg merch

ed's gone home so i'm having a dramatic lie down listening to bleed american like any 30 yr old ex emo should be

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i plan to make my campsite very ugly and can't wait til i can get even uglier outfits
if you wanna be pals i think my id code is 3612 3616 819

I've had two appointments this week where they've not turned up and both times they chose the day and time a couple of days before

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