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uk benefits / £/$ help request 

as i've talked about before my whole income is £556 a month universal credit. i'm currently undergoing a medical assessment to see if i'm entitled to more but that will take at least another 2 months. my landlord has increased my rent and i'm still short by over £200 every month so if anyone has anything they can spare

boosts rly appreciated

i am mostly begging nina to cuddle me, watching real housewives and doing knitting and having a lot of food and cuddles with ed

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haven't seen my partner in almost four months but please know when i got here i spent like half an hour rolling around on the floor stroking neens

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just laid on the top of my bed thinking maybe i will turn entirely into sweat

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the weather here has been shit for days, so much rain yet it's 2 am and my bedroom is absolutely boiling

i think about all the time and now really want a bun full of gherkins

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remember when that cop accused someone @ mcdonald's of taking a bite out of his burger but actually he just had forgotten he'd already started eating it

the last couple of days on twitter have been a nightmare, absloutely fuck vice and the new socialist and all the blue tick journo crew, absolute ghouls all of em

if you're cis, dont offer yourself up as some all encompassing motherly figure who protects trans people, because you dont.

so few of you (especially british) wouldn't do shit if i were being harassed in front of you. I know this from experience.

stay out the way if all you do is talk and retreat to comfy cis distancing land when push comes to shove right in front of you.

jeff hardy is 42 years old and still dresses like a 12 year old at a linkin park concert in 2001 but surprise surprise i still would absolutely let him ruin my life

dantes peak is a terrible film, whole movie about a volcano and absolutely no lava, what's even the point of this

i feel bad that i'm not really getting stuff done round the house but i am constantly exhausted and also couldn't find my glasses for three days so maybe it's fine

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literally all i have done today is watch four straight hours of my little pony and finished knitting a jumper

was expecting stuff to happen in preston but there was even a protest in lytham which honestly surprised me and i've learnt more about the preston windrush generation group

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there's been a few small black lives matter protests near me that have actually been covered quite positively by local news

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