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uk benefits / £/$ help request 

a terrible mirror selfie (no eye contact) but pls know this is how i'm dressing for the whole lockdown, this is my entire spring wardrobe

cried before bc i miss nina and she barely gives me attention, just screams at me when she wants food which like, mood neens

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it's almost 3am and i can't sleep and i'm disproportionately upset that i can't have a cuddle rn

had a very delightful time doing a john wick athon this week i simply love to watch keanu fight in clubs and mirrored rooms

some man just got out of a subaru at morrisons and is wearing a full royal navy uniform complete with beret, i do not live anywhere near a naval base of any kind

2 John 2 Wick tonight at 7pm uk time if you're not already in the chat and wanna join lmk and i'll invite you the discord

is it fine to go to sleep at 5 past 2 bc honestly i have had quite enough of today

luv 2 log on to twitter dot com where noted eugenicist toby young is straight up @ ing my boyfriends work saying they're wrong about covid, 2020 is fucking weird in the worst way

this will mostly be in the form of sending me memes and shark stuff and telling me i'm cute and good and me just replying to you with emojis

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i might not be able to see my actual partner for actual months so i need at least five more people to give me the online attention that i need

maybe i need an alt for shrieking what instances are good for alts

idk it's just the exact same bullshit that's been happening in knitting instagram, when ppl are asked to reflect on their behaviour or the behaviour of of those they support they're just going full reactionary and doing vlogs and blogs about how they're being bullied by the scary brown people and it's literally fash talking points that ppl are replicating

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being asked to do better when you fuck up or cause harm is not cancel culture

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if someone tells us that our friend did something bad, posting a bunch of stuff side stepping what they actually did and making excuses is helpful to absolutely nobody and just shows that you're not willing to listen or learn or improve. holding our friends and ourselves to account is the lowest of bars imo

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look, i don't know a lot of the ppl involved with the shite that's been going on so this may not be my lane, but as white people on here literally the least we can do is listen to poc when they tell us something is harmful at best, or even outright racist or we're no better than the ppl we claim to have left behind on twitter

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