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uk benefits / ยฃ/$ help request 

been watching season 9 of curb finally and all i have to say about it is that all old men should be quiet and stay away from everyone else

it's very weird and there's a lot, like really a lot, of my little pony related stuff. john cena is wearing a princess celestia crop top

i am voluntarily watching the john cena fireman movey, this is who i am now

it is literally a crime that this post has not received any appreciation

since me and shrig have matching blobby sweatshirts maybe they can be the gfsw uniform, you're not a real one til you wear our lord and saviour mr blobs :blobby: :blobby_cry: :blobby_smile: :blobby_lewd:

wearing my pea coat and broad bean trousers

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