omg someone else please read this I am still dying laughing

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dedicating my life to the destruction of all kites across the galaxy

I keep looking at this screenshot from the Skywalker saga cos it makes me laugh so much

bonus: you can pick your own entrance music

Mr Camelot will always enter to Got Your Money by Ol' Dirty Bastard

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lottery winners should have to defeat Mr Camelot himself before they can claim their cash

there's a place in Britain called hollywell-cum-needingworth

sexy selfie 

thought I best drop a sexy selfie on the TL

not the letting agency emailing to tell us off about mould in the bathroom, a problem we made them aware of years ago, the cheeky fucks

my main has got a bit overwhelming at the moment, so I am extremely grateful for you all letting me join here :)

this godforsaken website is a uk-based mastodon instance boasting literally thousands of posts about bumholes and UNESCO world heritage sites