@alex never finished it iirc! looking for a complete change away from the :bryn: really

who's not talking about the labour party online. its me.

music streaming/storage services - request for advice 

i am looking for a service like the old versions of amazon music and google play that will let me upload my whole music library and stream it, something that offers a good iOS app with playlists etc. i've been using youtube music's version of this since google play shut down but it fucking sucks. is something like plex the best remaining solution for this or do i have less complicated options

still haven't found a new avi to rival the vibes of the current one

I've been looking out for spore in charity shops for ages and it only occurred to me a couple of days back that my laptop doesn't even have a disc drive lol

:drake_dislike: :drake_dislike: standing up quickly :drake_dislike: :drake_dislike:
this post made by orthostatic hypotension crew

Nobody has ever shoplifted food and if you thought you saw someone doing it one time you were wrong and you definitely did not

rain-Mortals are skimpy
and Golden.

annihilation ebooks: produces a borderline-coherent sentence
me: whooping, cheering, clapping, sobbing,

The trees are not birds and other creatures that occupied that microhabitat.

@laurie I'm v coldy but confirmed covid free and also off work so I'm ok!! how are you?

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