just now learning that the teletubbies' house was called the 'tubbytronic superdome'

also in the reboot there are baby teletubbies and they have genders apparently? what the fuck

@bryn you also shouldn't ask them what the tubby custard is made from or where all the other teletubbies disappeared. 😱​

@bryn@godforsaken.website Are they at least interesting genders or did they copy them from the cishets

@bryn the original teletubbies had genders, too. Tinky-winky and Dipsy were boys, Lala and Po were girls. Apparently.

@bryn this is why there was an uproar in the early 00’s that Tinky-winky’s signature toy was a big purse, people were like TELETUBBY GAY???

@hammerhead iirc the response to that was just like, "the teletubbies are simply cuddly guys they don't have gender"??

@bryn idk! I remember the response being less on their genders and more like “…they’re all children. They’re like 3 years old. The large 3 year old alien neither isn’t gay or not gay he’s a toddler.”

@hammerhead that might have been the case, I'm probably wrong! I was like 3 or 5 at the time of the controversy lol

@bryn *neither is nor isn’t gay oops typo

Aaah see I was like 8-9 then, my sister being the targeted age.

I realize my response looked argumentative like the babies SHOULD have genders or something but what I really mean is NO they’ve been gendering these alien children all along!! And for why??!!

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