if you're trying to argue that trans people are tolerable because their transness isn't contagious then please consider 1) yes it is and 2) that's a good thing

I do mean it about transness being contagious btw. being around trans people makes people think about their own gender

yes we are gonna trans your kids, and yes we are gonna trans your husband


was talking w max the other day about how many arguments for accepting trans people are actually just kinda apologising for trans people existing. if you start from the belief that being trans is good then it changes everything

~ouuooouuhhh trans people are only 0.000304% of the population~ not for long bitch better get used to it

I'm p sure now I think about it that I just wholesale regurgitated all of this from something someone was telling me or I was reading a while back lol

@bryn somehow 10-20% of my friend group … and it’s not because I keep befriending people who are out as trans, although I do that too. So yeah that all sounds about right, a little like dominoes but in a good way!

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