if you're trying to argue that trans people are tolerable because their transness isn't contagious then please consider 1) yes it is and 2) that's a good thing

I do mean it about transness being contagious btw. being around trans people makes people think about their own gender

yes we are gonna trans your kids, and yes we are gonna trans your husband

was talking w max the other day about how many arguments for accepting trans people are actually just kinda apologising for trans people existing. if you start from the belief that being trans is good then it changes everything

~ouuooouuhhh trans people are only 0.000304% of the population~ not for long bitch better get used to it

I'm p sure now I think about it that I just wholesale regurgitated all of this from something someone was telling me or I was reading a while back lol

@bryn somehow 10-20% of my friend group … and it’s not because I keep befriending people who are out as trans, although I do that too. So yeah that all sounds about right, a little like dominoes but in a good way!

@bryn Making people think about their gender does NOT automatically make them trans.

I thought about my gender and came out cis. It's a thing. Not everyone is trans-and-clueless.

Transness /isn't/ contagious and /that's/ a good thing, because forcibly changing other people's gender is never okay. It is always up to you what your gender is.

@IceWolf point me to the part of my post where I said that questioning your gender always makes you trans


@IceWolf also wait aren't you the guy I blocked on a different account for saying it would be ok for you to fuck a dog. sorry if that's not you but I think it was

@bryn The "yes we are gonna trans your kids, and yes we are gonna trans your husband".

Less a "it always makes you trans" and more a "we'll make them trans whether they are or not".

Because not everyone is unknowingly trans, you /can't/ do that to most people without forcing it on them. Some people, yeah! But that's not transness being contagious like people fear.

@IceWolf @bryn it's a moral imperative to make as many people trans as possible actually

@IceWolf @bryn gamer, just shut up and take this funny blue pill ok? Ignore the 2mg on it and just hold it under your tounge for like 10 mins while it dissolves, its like candy for hot people

@IceWolf hey @esvrld do you happen to have your thread on hand about how this particular point is wrong, oh you know what nevermind I'm just seeing that you've already dunked on this person in the past my mistake

@IceWolf @bryn a couple of months in the hulag will fix you right up, don't worry

@bryn that's not the same though, and claiming it is does zero good. ceding talking points to the right never works, so even if it were the same (which it is literally not), just saying "yeah they're right we're contagious" would be bad. really bad. that's one bad faith reading away from "the lgbt admit they're groomers".

@amberage if you question your gender you're more likely to be trans. if you spend time around people who are doing unusual things with gender, you're more likely to question your gender. being trans isn't an innate thing, and saying it is is bioessentialism. the real "ceding talking points to the right" is the tacit admission that you think, subconsciously or otherwise, that being trans is a bad outcome and undesirable, and so more trans people is a bad thing

@bryn you're putting words in my mouth i never said.

"being around trans people encourages people to think about gender" is literally not the same as "trans people make others trans". It's not. Period.

But going around saying "hell yeah we are contagious" means surrendering to fascist framing.

And I think being trans is great, but thanks for telling me what I think, I'm sure you know my own thoughts better than I do.

@amberage @bryn

Back when I was a youth an extremely cool radical queer group called "The Lesbian Avengers" had T-shirts which said "We Recruit" because they decided radical direct action was more productive than trying to appease bigots.

I don't have evidence that says they were right or wrong, but when my parents forced me to go to mass, it was my favourite T shirt.

Which is to say, sometimes giving comfort to your friends matters even more than doing rhetoric with your enemies.

@amberage (you at stonewall) stop! stop throwing bricks! you're one bad faith reading away from "the queers admit they're violent and hate cops"

@amberage not to rain on your respectability parade but consider that
(1) fascist rhetoric is not based on fact. they will make up lies regardless of what any trans person does or says
(2) bending over backwards to make yourself non-threatening based on lies invented by fascists *is* acceding to fascist rhetoric and is the point of that rhetoric

but have fun basing your life around making yourself look good to people who want you dead i guess. i'm sure it'll work well lmao no it's fucking not and anyone who is one random toot away from outright believing trans people are a dangerous disease already believes trans people are a dangerous disease

@LaComtesseRouge she's now blocked me but comparing helping people to get free from the constraints of cisnormativity with uh, grooming, is a very normal and not reactionary take

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