me 2 days ago: well I can't draw so better to stick to more abstract decoration
me today: I'm gonna draw a Fucking dragon

also my friend has asked me to do *something* - details are currently hazy - for their wedding invite and I'm aaa I don't think I'm up to that standard but if they really want it...

so they want me to do a bat illustration which ??? I can't draw but I guess I'll give it a go??? they were insisting on paying (lol) but I want it to be a wedding present

today's first letter went to shit so I had to come up with something else at short notice. the something else was this

also someone is giving away a scanner so from tomorrow I won't just have to post wonky phone pics!!

he looked ok until I fucked about with him too much urgh

@bryn oh hell yeah, best time of the day, the time we get to see what cool letter Rowan drew today

@bryn i believe in you!! i think it would be very classy

@bryn it looks like a cool pumpkin if you squint at it a little bit!

@bryn I have no idea how you draw these amazing things every day and always post "this looks fucking horrible" on every single one of them. they're cool as fuck, to the point I literally thought you were posting things Garf had shown you via their school stuff you thought looked cool. these are good! be proud of them!

@CornishRepublicanArmy ahh thank you so much, I think I find it really hard to stop focussing on the little scruffy details I notice when I've just finished so it's really nice to hear this thank you

@bryn they slap and I really mean it when I say it's a cool little moment to see the thing you've drawn today

@bryn idk how ive been missing these the past couple of whiles bryn these are sick im 😍😍😍😍😍

@bryn These are magnificent. Your composition and consistency of masses and spaces between masses are wonderful. It makes me so happy to see you producing and sharing this art. Thank you for brightening my day with your art.

@bryn ohhh that looks good as hell, the right side curves look more confident than on the left, so maybe rotating your paper might help with the wobbly lines

@a_lizard I think it's just where I traced over previously drawn lines and didn't get it quite right tbh but thanks!

@bryn yeah drafting to linework always fucks me up as well

@req thank you! I was annoyed that the knotwork overwhelmed the W and it occurred to me there was an easy fix lol

@req I'll get round to an R and an E in the next few weeks too... thank you!!

@bryn That deer looks like it's trying to enter a wild west tavern. :flan_aww:​

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