@balrogboogie poring over my dictionary for hours trying to work out the nuanced difference in meaning between these two words


@bryn "it isn't going to be useful in the job but if you don't have it fuck off"


@robotcarsley I think they meant to put "preferred though not necessary" but tbh probably that

@bryn I guess that's reasonable, I just hate that we have to do that

@bryn the only way this makes sense to me is if they meant "requested" instead of "required" but that feels like giving them too much credit

@MercuryZelda I imagine they just meant to write "experience preferred" but messed up and didn't bother to proof read...

@bryn @MercuryZelda your resume, which will be looked at by one person for at most fifteen seconds, must be immaculately proofread, but the job description, which will be minutely agonized over by hundreds of people,

@bryn "5 years experience required, but everyone whos lied so far is working out just fine."

@calculsoberic lmao if I skipped every job with a badly proofread advert I'd never apply for anything

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