it's my second mastoversary. by my third I hope to have defeated god and learnt to do a cartwheel

sincere about masto 

I could not say that being here has always been good for my mental health (or for getting other things done) but I can say for certain that I've learnt so much from people here, including plenty about myself, that I'm really grateful for all the friends I've made and happy to have met quite a few of them in meatspace, and that I've met someone here who's wildly changed the course of my life for the better. I think there are a lot of good things about this place

sincere about masto 

I think I started out with a bit of a chaotic presence on here and I'm really glad that people tolerated that until I called down a little. I still frequently feel annoying, or get it into my head that certain people don't like me, for no reason other than I have anxiety, but everyone is kind to me and I feel lucky to have a place in this space

sincere about masto 

@bryn this pretty much exactly captures how i feel about it too, very nicely put

it's good to find a place that can help a person grow and learn rather than just "establish a brand", though it can be a tricky and uncertain process

sincere about masto 

@kiki yeah!! I think there's a fair bit of bullshit floating around but there's a lot of really useful stuff too and I'm glad of that

sincere about masto 

@bryn oh for sure, i think one of the big learning experiences has been figuring out how to curate and filter that bullshit to get to the important stuff, which is something that any other social media platform i've been on has not been good for

@seafrog love you elise! I am looking forward to meeting you again when the big apocalypse virus has passed

@bryn hell yes i am incredibly excited for this!!!! cannot wait to see my good sweet pals again

@bryn I love your hair!! And this outfit is AMAZING!!!

@Ophillous my hair is a disaster rn but I agree the outfit is pretty good lmao thank you!!

@bryn if it's a disaater it's a really rad queer disaster

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