dick bone trutherism 

yes there IS a dick bone. what the fuck do you think cum is. you grind down the dick bone by massaging the shaft, then after you’ve stimulated it enough, the penis lubricates it and out comes sperm and bone paste.

dick bone trutherism 

this is why you can only nut so many times. the bone doesn’t grow back. women can tell when a man has squandered his member through years of sleeping around and masturbating, and will prefer to marry pure men with unshaved dick bone.

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@katherine hey just for future reference you don't have to boost this ever!

@bryn oh so I see you don’t want people learning the truth. that’s not very facts and logic of you bryn


@katherine I am on a mission to destroy all facts. I will obliterate logic through the power of pure shitbrainèdness

@bryn okay I ABSOLUTELY respect this, I’m pulling a 180 and enabling you here

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