love every slider and spectrum that puts non-binary slap bang in the middle between male and female. makes me feel understood

@gdkar i'm like all of the diagram that isn't man or woman adjacent

@gdkar @bryn I think this diagram nails it pretty well. I'm ?.

@pizza looks like a wastepaper basket you can't put anything in, I like it

@bryn please do not throw trash in my gender, there's enough in there already

@pizza @bryn I'm hanging out in the smudge between oh boy and woman

@bryn exactly as good as literally every other gender diagram...

@bryn i'm going to integrate this with respect to time and there's nothing you can do about it

@bryn I'm the weird blurry space between woman and oh boy

@bryn tag itself I'm somewhere between oh boy and double woman

@bryn generally I'm "fuck!" but I slide between "man" and "?" and "!" also

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