here it is:
:heart_trans: how to change your name and gender marker on a uk passport :heart_nb:

it's been 6 months since i did this but this is as clear as i can manage. it's not anywhere near as hard as i thought. if i have to redraft i'll do it under this post. ok let's go

name and gender marker change 1 

ok firstly first this is not comprehensive by any means, things could be missing or incorrect or might change (particularly after brexit who fucking knows). if anything seems a bit funky please let me know and we'll see if we can work things out.

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name and gender marker change 2 

this thread will assume:
-that you already have a passport - i really don't know about the process of applying for your first one, sorry.
-that you're eligible to vote in the uk. i'll try to make some alternative suggestions anyway.
-and finally that you have internet, scanner and printer access.

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name and gender marker change 3 

if any of those don't apply to you then message me and i'll see if i can help you out with getting around that!
what you don't need: a gender recognition certificate, a birth certificate in your real name or gender, to being transitioning medically.
please be aware that you only have the options female and male, and also that the government site with passport guidance uses some shitty outdated language. sorry about that.

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name and gender marker change 4 

there are five things you're gonna need to send to get your name and gender updated on your passport. your old passport, a letter about your "gender change," proof of change of name, proof you're using your name and a new passport photo. none of these are all that hard if you've got a sympathetic medical professional.

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name and gender marker change 5 

what you specifically need is "a letter from your doctor or medical consultant confirming that your change of gender is likely to be permanent." this needs to be either male or female, unfortunately. if your GP is good, you can get this from them, just like that. otherwise, if you're already attending a GIC, your consultant can do this for you, or if neither of these is an option, consider contacting GenderGP who might be able to help

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name and gender marker change 6 

in the next post is the wording of the letter i received from my GIC nurse, in case your doctor needs guidance. i'm no expert but if you're not transitioning medically i'd suggest you get them to mention how long you've been "living as your acquired gender" (maybe stretch the truth about this when discussing this with your GP if you feel it's necessary and you can get away with it). if possible get two or more copies, just in case.

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name and gender marker change 7 

"Dear Bryn,

I am writing this letter to you in connection with your passport or driving licence application.
You are under the care of the Lothian Gender Identity Clinic and are undergoing a process of gender reassignment. You are on the waiting list to be seen at the Charing Cross Gender Identity Service and we have agreed to continue your care in the interim.

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name and gender marker change 8, misgendering/binarist nonsense 

[cont.] "I believe your change to a male gender identity to be permanent. On this basis you should be referred to as male on all documentation.

Yours sincerely,
[my absolute babe of a former GIC nurse]"

(for the record I am NOT male but it's just more convenient to have that marker lmao.)

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name and gender marker change 9 

ok deed poll! this is so fucking easy. go to, whack your details in, print several copies (I have 8, that's been unnecessary) onto good quality paper if you can get that (doesn't matter if not), sign them in your dead and new name, get two people to sign. they don't need to be homeowners or have any particular status, but i'd suggest they're adults with a different surname from you.

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name and gender marker change 10 

you *do not* need to enroll your deed poll. scan a copy of your deed poll for safekeeping if possible.

few alternatives for the next one, the proof you're using your name. the one i used was this: go to fill in the whole thing, registering to vote as your new name and inputting your deadname when prompted. for me that was the whole process, someone told me they had to send a scan of their deed poll to their local council.

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name and gender marker change 11 

either way once that's done, you should get an email or physical letter acknowledging that you're registered to vote in your real name. print it if it's a digital file.
alternatively if your bank is half-decent you can change your name with them using only an unenrolled deed poll, then you can use a statement from them. you can also use a letter from your employer, or a utility bill, or a medical card.

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name and gender marker change 12 

your passport photo is the same drill as usual. many booths now also generate a code with your passport photos that you can use for the online application which is how i recommend you do it. keep hold of the physical pics, you might need them for something else, particularly a driving license update. i really would recommend using a photo booth but if this is an issue, you can take your own photo and upload it during the passport renewal service.

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name and gender marker change 13 

ok now you can apply! go to it's roughly self-explanatory here. unfortunately this costs £75.50 and it's best to send on next-day delivery so you can track it (if you're crowdfunding passport renewal costs feel free to tag me in your post and i'll boost!). you'll have to input your old passport details, add your new photo, input your new details, just basically do what it tells you.

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name and gender marker change 14 

you'll be prompted to post to them your old passport along with your deed poll, letter from a medical professional and proof of using your name. remember to keep a note of your application number and put it in the address before the "nexus house" line. put it in the post, next-day if possible as i said, and then sit back and wait.

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name and gender marker change 15 

your passport should be back within 3 weeks! congrats!!! you now have ID that has your correct name on it! and a gender marker that's at least more convenient if not the correct one.
this is probably not the whole deal. there might be your employer, driving license, bank, student finance, GP surgery... the circumstances with titles might change if you're wanting something like mx but you can get that on your driving license and probably with your bank at least.

name and gender marker change 16 

ok there's a decent chance i've forgotten something so as i said please do @ me if i can help any more! i hope this is useful. please feel free to share or repost this if it'll help anyone else out. the whole system is a load of bullshit bureaucracy but it's navigable eventually if you have the patience, support (and money :-/ )

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name and gender marker change 17 THE END 

it sucks to have to provide the paperwork to persuade someone you've never met that you're the person you are but it'll feel good when you've got a bit of paper or plastic you can wave at the lady who IDs you in tesco or at the post office when you're collecting your mail without wincing at the name and photo on it. that's enough rambling anyway, good luck!!! :heart_trans:

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i did this bc i couldn't find a single reasonably comprehensive clear guide to sorting this shit out and i put it off for months bc of that but if anyone has a better resource please link it here lmao.

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@bryn THANK YOU!
I do not live in the UK, but just getting to better visualize what the process MIGHT be like is super helpful and affirming.

@b_cavello I'm glad!! the process here turned out to be way easier than it seemed, it was just the lack of any complete and coherent guide that made it seem hard. I hope it turns out the same for you!!

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