you're "mowing the lawn"? yeah whatever, you're shaving the earth. grow up.

lewd gross I'm sorry Bryn but also good morning 

@bryn me and the lads are going to the club and we're hoping to shave mad puss

garf reply 

@bryn there's a bit in Alexander Pope's peri bathous about this

pope quote 

@bryn "Catachresis:
A Master of this will say,

'Mow the Beard,
Shave the Grass,
Pin the Plank,
Nail my Sleeve.'

From whence results the same kind of Pleasure to the Mind, as doth to the Eye when we behold Harlequin trimming himself with a Hatchet, hewing down a Tree with a Rasor, making his Tea in a Cauldron, and brewing his Ale in a Tea-pot, to the incredible Satisfaction of the British Spectator."

re: pope quote 

@garfiald @bryn is garf the pope of mastodon?

re: pope quote 

@cdmnky @bryn i certainly hope not, pope was a cunt

@bryn i regret to inform you that alexander pope has owned you from beyond the grave

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