thinking about the boy in my sister's class who got in trouble for putting his hand up and asking the teacher if he could "go and shed some weight"

thinking about the girls in my chemistry class who set a heatproof mat on fire

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thinking about the primary school dinner lady who told a crying 4 year old "tears mean nothing to me"

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thinking about my friend's uni professor who promised to give extensions to students if they were falling in love, and actually followed through on it

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thinking about the only time I ever got given time out in primary school, when I hit my sister with a bag of apricots

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thinking about my sisters' teacher in primary school who told them sand dissolves in water

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How interestingly forward.
In truth, pretty much every extension I've ever requested was to satisfy delays created by falling in love (it a terrible break up). If course I never put it to the teacher that way.
What subject did they teach?

@bryn wheres that professor when i need them (now)

@garfiald I totally saw this reply the first time you posted it but yeah.....

LB is such a great idea. I started a relationship just before the end of the last academic year and it is distracting!

But it was also really energizing for me. And it meant I felt even more cozy and at home working on my cursed phonology essay and my sociolinguistics spreadsheets at his house, which I still remember fondly.

@bryn this reminds me of the time where a kid wanted to go outside and play in the playground so she just asked every teacher until one said yes

@bryn That's a very polite way of asking if he could go blast shit out of his ass so I don't know why he got in trouble.

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