this is castle sands, the middle beach in st andrews. it sits below the castle ruins which would be just to the left of this view. you can't see the beach here but it's short and lovely, and if you squat down you can easily enough find a handful of tiny pieces of smooth sea glass. in this pic you can just see a very square angle among the rock formations, which is one corner of the old sea pool (no idea how old) that you can still swim in and jump into

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I used to walk dogs when I lived there, one of whom was always keen to go down there and eat the seaweed off the edge of the sea pool and have a run around

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@katherine I feel very dishonest bc I edited it slightly but only to reflect what it actually looked like!! i caught it at just the right time

@bryn that's not dishonest imo! it's your art and it's good

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