wow ok other people think this is as funny as i did the first 3 days i couldn't stop imagining it

@bryn I could legitimately see that being a headline in the local news next time someone gets pulled up for doing 120+ mph on the A12/A14 😆

@bryn me when it's almost the end of the road trip

@bryn I think we've all been there. I know I have more than I care to admit!

@bryn I would watch this movie, I imagine the plot being a bunch of attempts to find restrooms but they're closed and also police chases because they're driving so fast

@bryn when are we gonna get paprika-inception tech to twitch stream our dreams

@bryn @amsomniac get taken into police custody and they're bound to have a restroom you can use :blobthinksmart:

@ljwrites @bryn maybe there is one but the cops won't let them use it so they have to beat them up

@bryn i think about this post, like, probably at least once a day

I'm glad you did though - you've got yourself a few real chuckles, not the emoticon kind!! 😃

Stupid internet games 

@bryn You've heard of No Nut November and Denial December, now get ready for Jaundice January!

@bryn In olden times, there was a NFS poster remix saying "Need for Weed" and I can't find it anymore :<

@bryn I'm sorry I have to steal this and post it everywhere.

@bryn this is exactly how I feel when I've been hyperfocusing on something for 8 hours and suddenly my body reminds me of its existence

@bryn then you need a fountain cup in the backseat Bc that is HOW WE ROLL

@bryn jsyk i send this to my sis every time it pops up on the tl and we always get a good laugh lol

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