they're by no means perfect and I had to pick them early bc the mildew got to them but also I grew them from seeds and they're my babies and I'm gonna give them to people

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I'm hoping to have more but I think the other plants have died before the pumpkins ripened. possibly for the best since I don't have anything I can do with them anyway lmao

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@bryn this is the coolest thing I've ever seen on this website

@jennygreenteeth omg tysm!!! I'm really pleased with them they're so satisfying to grow

@bryn That's well good! I only managed to grow two! Yours look great!

@Shrigglepuss thanks!! I'm glad you managed to bring those two forth from the earth

@bryn might give it an other go next year and raise more 🎃

@garfiald I think I'm the one on the right... blemished but cheery

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