imagine doing retail but it's not retail it's the post-revolution equivalent of retail. it would be fine

you tidy and catalogue stock. you help people find the stuff they need. you get to chat to people who come in because you don't need to be in some bullshit hurry to scan a load of products and coupons through the till. you make cups of tea for people who hang around. they bring their dogs in. you go home after four hours or i dunno maybe you do six or eight but have more days off. it's fine

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if there's no one around or nothing to do you read a book or phone your friend or draw and no one tells you to find pointless jobs to do. if people are rude to you you just ask them to leave and you're backed up. if you're ill or you can't get in it's not a big deal, you phone in, someone covers or the store closes

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basically consider this my early job application. in the afternoons i'll grow veg and walk people's dogs and draw and cycle around on my gay bike delivering small items to people who need them

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@hummingrain well you gotta do a bit of revolution first, think of it like an interview

@bryn i would be so ok with working retail if it was like this


stacking lemons for the sheer geometric pleasure of it

Making meals for the delivery drivers

Changing up the fucking music, or just turning it off

This is a good thread

@Ethancdavenport @bryn Turning all those retail music mix CDs that include fake security alerts into sculpture art and never playing them again... <3

@bryn This is pretty much exactly what volunteering at the free store was like. Can confirm, was nice

@socalledunitedstates I wanna do that!!! but in a system where "volunteering" and "work" are one and the same

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