almost constantly a version of bear necessities runs through my head. it starts "I am a... hooomosexual" and that's as far as it goes

as a non homosexual I do not feel it's appropriate for me to sing it. if you are a homosexual I gift this to you

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@bryn I just started singing that in my head & trying to come up with the words.

You have a curious superpower

Silly Genitals mention, song lyrics 

@bryn i am a homosexual a simple homosexual, forget about your dumb straight way of life.
I mean the homosexuals,
Munch carpet like it’s vegetables
The fab, fresh homosexuals of life.

Silly Genitals mention, song lyrics 

@Torie @bryn Jesus Christ lmfao

@bryn wherever I wander, wherever I roam
The dykes I meet make me feel like I’m at home
The girl are kissing in the streets
We are all gay and free
When you look up at the softball games
And take a glance at the hockey Dames
And maybe smooch a few
The homosexuals of life will come to you!

@bryn I could go on but I will stop there

@Torie @bryn this is some of the best shit i have ever posted in my whole career i cannot believe it lives as a reply but im glad at least it is a reply to bryn

@Torie @bryn munch carpet like its vegetables? like are you fucking kidding me

Silly Genitals mention, song lyrics 

@Torie @bryn *applause*

Silly Genitals mention, song lyrics 


Silly Genitals mention, song lyrics 

@Torie @bryn this honestly made my day i fucking cackled so loud

@bryn At least you don't have to change the name

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