i'm gonna start discourse sorry. are you ready


bi flag:
(only vote if ur bi)

why can't i vote in my own damn poll

ok we're heading in the right direction now

@bryn erm, lol nope? If you want to create a new flag that's fine - but the original bisexual flag has a smaller middle stripe?

@bryn i like the equal sized stripes (sorry can't do polls) but honestly they're both v good and i love the bi flag colors.

@suzukipeach the colours are fab n i love them, but for some reason a small middle stripe looks really wrong to me!?

@bryn oh!! maybe i haven't seen that one? but i agree. i like equal sizes all around.

@suzukipeach im not sure but i think it might have been the original bi flag? there's also a more graduated 5 stripe one or maybe that's a different thing... the equal stripes fits better with other pride flags and just generally looks nicer imo!

@bryn For your consideration, I present the Nobody Wins Compromise Bi Flag

@violet @bryn it represents how bi people can't sit straight and I think that's beautiful

@violet making it an accurate representation of my sexuality in and of itself...

@violet @bryn i actually love it, not the least because it is not straight! c-:

@violet @violet @bryn

I think you just created the best version EVER !!

@violet @violet @bryn i unironically love this to pieces. inability to decide between things is BI CULTURE

@violet @bryn I love this!! I feel very represented in my inability to choose.

@violet @bryn the "I was running out of fabric but I found some scraps and made it work" bi flag

@violet @bryn I actually love it because it lets you understand that you can be attracted by all genders but not at an equal level.

Yes, yes, I do believe this satisfies the Calvin and Hobbes Compromise Threshhold.

@violet @bryn an even more cursed compromise where all three colors have the same area, with the purple stripe being thin in one side and really wide on the other side

@violet Actually I thought of doing that but with the bisexual flag on one side and the pansexual on the other side and have the colors gradate into each other from side to side. :) @bryn

@rhonda @bryn that's a really cool idea and if I knew how to do gradients well I'd attempt it

@violet Tried it and failed, especially when you want a margin at the edges but doesn't want to have the blending over hard cut. It was a pain, and my skills on that level are too weak @bryn

@minx I didn't even think to include "both" and you're the second person to say it :-/

@bryn how..............am I supposed to decide I can't even pick a gender to be attracted to

@bryn I like the little stripe because it makes it look more like two overlapping stripes instead of three separate ones

@jennie @bryn considering these triangles are where the flag comes from, that does make sense!

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