whispering through my keyhole is not a personality. tapping on my window while i sleep is not a personality. scratching my floorboards from below? not a personality. and as for shaking the very timbers of my home so they creak and moan and shudder? you guessed it - not a personality

@bryn something something "flirt cw" something something "creak and moan and shudder" something something

you get the joke

@Ophillous I mean it doesn't take a lot to make my meat vehicle creak or shudder :-/

@bryn as someone with very shitty bones and nerves that decide to fire themselves seemingly on a whim: :mood:

@FrazzledBrynn may I suggest: lurking just outside the yellow circle of light cast by a street lamp, asking strangers the year and then running away in a panic, haunting copses of diseased and dying trees

@bryn the person who did this?

Or a creepy person, at least 😉

@rugk no one has actually done this, i was just clarifying that none of these actions are a personality

@bryn i can't believe i had not boosted this before

@bryn you are welcome! thank you for blessing this here timeline with heavenly posts!

@FrazzledBrynn brynn they're far too far from me to do this but rn I'd honestly take it

joke(ish) explanation 

@TurdFerguson people often go online and say things like "liking game of thrones isn't a personality" or "playing video games isn't a personality" or whatever. the joke is just that but stuff that most people wouldn't do anyway

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