quite pissed off I didn't put these in one post now. this reply really makes it

@bryn bryn I've had to leave the office you absolute fuck

@knownrobes this is the greatest compliment to my craft I've ever received

@bryn I'm boosting this, but I want you to know that I'm angry to be doing so

@bryn i can't even describe what i'm feeling right now


@bryn totally off topic but for some reason i'm imagining how to make things more efficient by combining the bust and the tentacles


@bryn i'm definitely not but i'm workin' on it! 😣

@pig on the one hand, im sorry, but on the other hand, how could i not have posted this

@bryn maybe just step into a Faraday cage real quick until the mood passes?

@bryn these moods are irresistibly large and we cannot contain them any longer

@pig @bryn these moods are close to collapsing in on themselves, pulling all other moods into their crushing singularity

@balrogboogie @bryn ultradense moods? in my area? it's more likely than you think

@bryn it's beautifully stunning, a shining bastion of purity and goodness

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