birthday cards designed for men from their wives: sorry I'm a stubborn bitch sometimes, I love you anyway
birthday cards designed for women from their husbands: shame you're a stubborn bitch sometimes, I love you anyway

@bryn those cards are depressing as shit and i think if i were a cised het ever giving or receiving one of them i might burst into tears

@cryptoad literally what's wrong with straight people. the place I work sells a lot of greetings cards and they're like "haha wife! make me dinner! this is a funny joke" or "it's cute that we don't communicate" and it's like !!!!! stop this!

@bryn if you can’t sincerely express that you love the other person on their got dang birthday or whatever what’s the point

@cryptoad @bryn cards are the worst part of presents for more reasons than one

@bryn @cryptoad cishet culture is normalizing absolutely miserable relationships

@bryn those kind of cards are extremely grim, why would you not buy your husband/wife a nice card!

@wandrew maybe if you secretly hate them or have a lot of guilt at not living up to your partner's expectations!!!

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