as a younger user of mastodon I was wondering whether someone would be able to explain to me, perhaps via simile, the experience of being an old ass bitch on this site

this was a reference to something but keep the answers coming in

@bryn as long as you avoid the annoying teenager accounts it’s quite good tbh

@bryn it's exactly like being the old person at a concert

@bryn @goblin I just turned 37. I’m kinda at that point where the older I get, the less bullshit I can tolerate. Ofc, through lived experience, therapy, and years of DBT you learn to laugh off certain things. I don’t know if this helps.

@bryn it's like we're a bunch of magnets and we all attract the people we want to connect with, it's great

Silly answer 

@bryn if you think of the emotions of the barenaked ladies' One Week mixed with the feeling that you can't keep up with The Kids Today it's that.

@bryn it’s pretty much the same as being an old ass bitch anywhere else. Cutting in line, inappropriate jokes, bingo on Saturdays, voting conservative, and so on and so forth.

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