you've heard of sword lesbians, now get ready for....... lesbian sword

this is just so beautifully composed. it's perfect. if I were a woman I would message her immediately

"im a sword. there is a lesbian attached to me" I can't get over this. I may never get over this. it's flawless

sword info if you want it 

@bryn A fencing foil has a thinner more flexible blade with a knob on the end. This is a basket hilt rapier. Maybe technically a half basket.

Disclaimer: I'm not an expert, I'm bi.

sword info if you want it 

@bunnyjane ahh right thank you! i am not a Sword Bisexual but i appreciate the info (it's a cool name) and the excellent disclaimer

@bryn dang gotta lock that one down. Assuming you can best her in single combat

@interneteh i really don't care whether i win tbh it'd be worth it

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