absolutely the most annoying people have come to sit *around* me on the bus. they took a group photo with the back of my head in it



I just wanted to eat my lunch in peace after a 11-4 shift with no break and they come and sit here and say things like "charcuterie" without a hint of embarrassment

they got off. there's only one other person on the top deck of this bus. all is well

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@bryn the first time I ever got on a bus here (from Ipswich to Mid Suffolk) everyone else seemed to know one another (including the driver), then the bus engine cut out in the depot and a grumpy looking old man who *literally* looked like Blakey in the 1970s comedy show "On the Buses" (but without the hat, they stopped wearing those in 1980s) appeared out of some portakabin, started the bus again on the emergency starter and then walked off 😆

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