free seeds again! (boosts appreciated)

uk (and europe i guess) friends: here are seeds i have that i don't want! i will pay postage for them

verbena "intensity" x 2
beetroot "boltardy" x 1
beetroot "detroit 2" x1
swede "marian" x 3
pea (climbing) "alderman" x 1
poppy "pandora" x 3
cosmos "polidor mixed" x 3

i'll update what's gone in the replies. message me for any info from the packets or if you want anything!

peas are gone, as well as one poppy and two cosmos 🌱

i have More Seeds, i think this'll keep happening through the year bc at the newsagents we don't have to send back the freebies with the old magazine

free for uk people - update! (boosts appreciated, more info upthread)

here's what's going:
-verbena "intensity" x 2
-poppy "pandora" x 2
-cosmos "polidor mixed" x 1
-beetroot "boltardy" x 2
-beetroot "detroit 2" x 1
-swede "marian" x 3
-tomato "gardener's delight" x 1
-cabbage "(savoy) january king 3" x 1
-broccoli "(sprouting) early purple" x 1


free for UK people! please boost, more info upthread

here's what i have:
- cosmos "polidor mixed" x2
- verbena "intensity"
- parsnip "tender and true" x2
- carrot "autumn king 2" x2
- courgette "zucchini" x2
- swede "marian" x3
- beetroot "detroit 2"
- beetroot "boltardy" x3
- radish "french breakfast 3"
- onion "(spring) white lisbon winter hardy" x2

[cont. below]


- cabbage "(savoy) january king 3" x3
- tomato "gardener's delight"
- broccoli "(sprouting) early purple"
- cauiflower "all the year round" x2

ok that's it for now!

@bryn Ooh, I would love some beetroot and carrot seeds, if they're still available? I have a shade vegetable garden to plant and nothing to put in it.

@galadhir yep those are still available! which kind of beetroot would you like and how much, and how would you like to send your address?

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