ok i feel like i've asked this before but

does anyone have an extremely clear guide to changing your name on your passport in the UK

all the government site pages seem to go circularly and looking at all the forms is making me feel dizzy and idk what kind of solicitor i'm meant to contact to witness the deed poll or what counts as a close relative for that purpose

boosts appreciated, until then i'm gonna have a little cry

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UK passport name change 

@bryn Do you already have a deed poll? If not, this is the one I used:

No solicitor is required. It can't hurt, but it's absolutely not necessary - I didn't, and mine was accepted everywhere: banks, HMRC, local Elections Officer, etc.

I printed eight copies on thick parchment paper, giving it more of an "official" air, all signed by a couple old friends.

It's a change to an existing passport? If so, the "Table of supporting documents" (p.12 of the 2017 form) gives what's required, along with Table C, p.15, "one from List A, at least one from List B". I used a copy of the Elections Officer's letter (to get that, I sent them a high quality photo of my deed poll), and my change of name deed.

UK passport name change 

@porsupah really!??!?!? thank you! the gov advice is so confusing and makes it seem like you need an enrolled deed poll! fuck that seems so much easier oh my god thank you

UK passport name change 

@bryn No problem! Indeed, it's actually quite easy - I sent the form, photos, and documents, and had my new passport in about a week, in Feb last year. ^_^

I don't know if an enrolled deed poll was once mandatory, but it definitely isn't now. Occasionally people encounter staff that want to be difficult (eg random front line bank staff), and may try insisting on such, but that seems fairly unusual. Even with the banks, it was just a matter of going along and asking for the change. (I may've had the new passport by then; that was one of the first things I did)

UK passport name change 

@porsupah yeah my bank wants proof of name change with an unenrolled deed poll but they'll take a passport so if i can get the elections officer letter for that then that's fine!!!! thank you so so so much god i feel so much better i'm gonna do this ASAP

@bryn OMG it's Bryn! I missed you didn't know you moved

@cogitoergofemme hello!!!!! i didn't import a following list which made things a lot quieter but also...... i keep finding people i should have followed again ages ago aaa

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