your ass is grass and i'm opposed to lawns on an ecological basis

I was just about to start off about lawns again, glad there's some solid anti-lawn energy out today

@Galdrakinn i am always here to say "fuck lawns" and, relatedly, "fuck golf"

@bryn I boosted this because I noticed your name.

Then I read the toot and everything got even better.

@bryn i have heard anti-lawn sentiments for economical reasons but not ecological, i am intrigued pls elaborate

@scribblefrog @bryn I think it's because almost by definition lawns are a big reduction in plant diversity, and thus available food.
And on top of that the way larger / posher lawns are managed can be pretty devestating as well.

I think this is true, and I'm only really saying this because I couldn't think of a good lawn based pun.

@scribblefrog @diffractie yeah that's it! lawns are basically a big fuck you to biodiversity, people *water* them (!?!!??!?), that kinda stuff

And like being not very diverse and having shallowish root systems, the soil ends up not very good, prone to eroding / losing nutrients, and losing water easily. Plus the big areas of growing soil that get super massively compacted, so few things can actually grow at all.
@scribblefrog @diffractie

@scribblefrog @bryn There was some study I remember reading that the average lawn is biodiverse and capable of supporting life as an asphalt driveway. It's not true of all lawns as things like native grasses and clover laws can be quite diverse but yeah it's true of most. Especially here in the U.S. where most laws use European grass strains instead of native grasses.

@radicalrobit @scribblefrog !!! while we're here, fuck people who remove moss from their lawns. what are they Doing

@bryn @radicalrobit @scribblefrog Moss is such a better lawn! So soft, no mowing. No chemicals. It’s like natures xeriscape.

@Excuse_haver @bryn @radicalrobit hmmmm okay interesting!!!! so in that vein, if u have a garden its better to a) have a terraced area for picnics and b) grow veggies & have wildflowers in the rest of it for bees??

@scribblefrog @Excuse_haver @radicalrobit i mean i would say it's probably better to have grass than decking?? but yeah just minimise grass/deck space and use the rest for wildflowers and veg and whatever!

@scribblefrog @bryn some grasses are invasive species that outcompete indigenous ones in this context which makes them more vulnerable

@Thomas i just checked the numbers and..... i was not expecting this. thank you!!

@bryn So what you're saying is, I shouldn't shave my butt? 🤔

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