i'm reading about an old east anglian pub sport i am apparently gonna go and do next month and i feel like i'm having a stroke
[CW alcohol, insufferable englishness]

come to geldeston lock on 18th may if you want a dwile flonking

@bryn 'A "dull witted person" is chosen as the referee or "jobanowl", and the two teams decide who flonks first by tossing a sugar beet. The game begins when the jobanowl shouts, "Here y'go t'gither!"'

i....what.......surely this was written by someone on here to make fun of us, this simply cannot be real

@lennie "the rules are impenetrable and the result always contested"

@bryn @lennie

sometimes I think that is true for any social interaction in East Anglia (and I've lived here over 12 years) 😆

@lennie @bryn me, a linguist and enthusiast of English etymology: oh cool, i can actually kinda see where most of these terms came from. cool

also me: who in the FUCK named ANYTHING to do with this ggame,

@celesteh @page @lennie @bryn

to be fair there was quite a big printing industry in that area (a lot of books are still printed by William Clowes)

A dweil is legitimately a thing, originally the term was (and still is) used for a floor cloth but in modern Dutch is equally commonly used to refer to the squeezy floor mops that have existed since the late 1970s..

@celesteh @page @lennie yeah it's a shame it's not a real ancient game. still funny though

@bryn only 75% of the toot was showing on my timeline column (as it was at the bottom) and I guessed it just by reading the first bit 😁

@bryn the (old) East Anglian dialect isn't heard as much nowadays amongst younger people; but its vocabulary and grammar patterns are closer to Dutch and German than standard English (to the point moving here (I used to live in London and SE England) made it easier for me to learn Dutch and improve my German (this makes sense when you consider our geographic location)

@dirt @bryn yes there is a flonking and a non-flonking team.

@bryn ha The Lewes Arms pub is about 6 miles away from my office!

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