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• i am non-binary. don't ever use gendered/gender-coded language about me
• don't call me enby. just non-binary
• i have anxiety and can't read tone well. please be gentle w me and courtesy fave before replying if tone isn't clear
• if you can't read my tone I'm probably being sincere. yes I do use that many exclamation marks genuinely. you can ask me if you're not sure
• I'm generally happy to give clarification on most of my posts
• please also read my part 2 in replies

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hello. it is my 2nd biHRTday today

i have written a longish thing (~1100 words) about transitioning with testosterone - personal experience, light advice, heavy rambling - that you can read if you want to. i will post it as a thread below

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here it is:
:heart_trans: how to change your name and gender marker on a uk passport :heart_nb:

it's been 6 months since i did this but this is as clear as i can manage. it's not anywhere near as hard as i thought. if i have to redraft i'll do it under this post. ok let's go

does the vaccine give you male autism or female autism? i can't let them get unbalanced or the they/them assembly will revoke my enby card

I bet there's a guy at the pickle factory that comes in every morning and says, "Rise and Brine, everyone!" and all his coworkers hate him.

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I think my car is fucked. It was on its last legs and I was just trying to coax it along til I could get some money from the new job to replace it. Now it's decided that shifting into reverse isn't necessary. I need some breathing room to figure out the logistics of making it through to the point where I can start earning. I'm hoping for $500. Anything helps, especially boosts.
Venmo: @robertwcarlisle
Cashapp: $rwcarlisle


Just got nominated for the Nobel peace prize in consistently underestimating how long any given task will reasonably take

"when I am quing you will be first against the wall"
​ --them yorke

Y’all will NOT believe what I just found jammed between the base of the bathroom cabinet and the bathroom wall

it's my birthday, give me some boops 😈

@bryn just make sure u get covid in one arm & flu in the other, they'll balance out

@bryn i think thats what booster shots are for

someone walking slowly up the stairs in a house you were certain was empty apart from you type beat

does the vaccine give you male autism or female autism? i can't let them get unbalanced or the they/them assembly will revoke my enby card

stepbro, help me, im stuck! [i instantly unsheathe my blade, target the heart, piercing it in one swift motion] prey should never believe the words of a hunter

writing software is like finding a secret hole in the ground that you can crawl up and down screaming until daylight

*in the grocery store*You can't fight tooth decay!

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