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Cis reckon

When my daughter was hitting adolescence i was hit with this profound melancholy and mourned knowing I’d never again see that little kid i loved so much, and she was becoming someone else whomst i also live but was changingg into someone new, as we do when we grow

So when she told me she was a girl i was like u got it babe

when i hear about parents of trans kids mourning or whatever im like, you mean you havent dealt with the ephemeral nature of being until now??? Basic ass scrubs

Thinking about how many toots I've just started by saying "thinking about..."

Update! £265! £535 to go! I am petrified I'm gonna get the maths wrong on one of these! Thank you so much for all your boosts and pennies.

Hey friends! @pupper and I are both disabled and have virtually no income after our benefits were cut by the DWP. Please share this link to help us afford rent, bills and food. We're trying to get £800 together to afford everything this month.

#TransCrowdFund #DisabilityCrowdfund

I kind of want to watch Bojack in German some time to see what the translators did with all the Courtney Portnoy stuff

what if we kissed on a what if we kissed on meme

and we were both what if we kissed on memes

current sweetness levels are 69%

(69%) ■■■■■■□□□□

- small space to maintain
- cute
- good community apparently
- cute

- expensive to maintain
- probably bad if it gets stormy
- damp
- walking to a shower block
- can't afford one

- cute

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