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interacting with me/boundaries pinned post pt 2 

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here it is:
:heart_trans: how to change your name and gender marker on a uk passport :heart_nb:

it's been 6 months since i did this but this is as clear as i can manage. it's not anywhere near as hard as i thought. if i have to redraft i'll do it under this post. ok let's go

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as promised: my extremely long and rambly thread on black shuck, the east anglian demon dog! if you think you're gonna read it all then good fuckin luck lmao, no actually that'd be amazing, i'm not the best writer but i had fun reading up about this.
it's folklore, so general CWs for evil dogs, death, religion and the like.
this is gonna be a lot of posts, so muting the word "shuck" will remove it from your timeline

need some help with my phone - got a galaxy s8.
was using twitter, phone crashed. i'm used to it crashing regularly. however, now it seems my phone is stuck in a loop of restarting. it just keeps repeating the shutdown and startup screens. keeps buzzing every time it restarts. not sure what i'm supposed to do.

hello, im straight person, here's one of the 5 jokes i have, please laugh

I have a discord server for playing games with my uni friends and I'm wondering how long it would take for anyone to notice if I added the :ahegowboy: emoji

2019: Joker comes out

2020: government says we can't be in a society anymore


i would easily defeat scarf joel at fisticuffs

pi is 3,14 exactly. we made up the idea of there being more digits to keep the nerds busy

ugh.... this baby has birth breath..... put it back...

there is nothing funnier than watching a dog try and decide which is the best bit of grass to take a shit on

asking a crow if I can speak to the manager

asking for help, poverty in the time of coronavirus 

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