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• i am non-binary. don't ever use gendered/gender-coded language about me
• don't call me enby. just non-binary
• i have anxiety and can't read tone well. please be gentle w me and courtesy fave before replying if tone isn't clear
• if you can't read my tone I'm probably being sincere. yes I do use that many exclamation marks genuinely. you can ask me if you're not sure
• I'm generally happy to give clarification on most of my posts
• please also read my part 2 in replies

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**redrafted to remove terfy organisation!**

i haven't yet seen anyone compile a list of uk/irish orgs you can support focused on addressing racism or antiblackness. i am not an expert or authority on this obv but here are some i have come across:

- Irish Network Against Racism

- Ahmed Iqbal Ullah Education Trust (manchester)

- Race Equality First (south wales)

(thread continues here:

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hello. it is my 2nd biHRTday today

i have written a longish thing (~1100 words) about transitioning with testosterone - personal experience, light advice, heavy rambling - that you can read if you want to. i will post it as a thread below

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here it is:
:heart_trans: how to change your name and gender marker on a uk passport :heart_nb:

it's been 6 months since i did this but this is as clear as i can manage. it's not anywhere near as hard as i thought. if i have to redraft i'll do it under this post. ok let's go

all my animal crossing animals are italian-american

im the one who makes the rota for cleaning out :lemon_dog: 's hutch and that's why my name mysteriously doesn't appear on there

The absolute cheek of remaking Utopia and not even inviting the entire original cast back

was thinking yesterday I needed a bike cover for the winter, this morning the wind blew a bike-sized rubble sack into our garden. am I saying I'm god's favourite? well,

if it was me and i was in spaceship to meet the martians, I would just take fuck loads of cash up there

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I refuse to provide counsel to one who sees fit to carry the user name "Horsefucker Thicc" .

equiphobic literary theorist, who says "il n'y a pas de horse text"

im sending an email to my network service provider

damn someone just logged into my google account

me, making small talk with an italian: so....uh, how about those mario brothers

if i was an instance admin i would use the #announcement feature to share some of my #posts

between the previous album and this one, idles have gone from "my immigrant neighbour is nice :)" to "class war NOW" and I think thats beautiful

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