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• i am non-binary. don't ever use gendered/gender-coded language about me
• don't call me enby. just non-binary
• i have anxiety and can't read tone well. please be gentle w me and courtesy fave before replying if tone isn't clear
• if you can't read my tone I'm probably being sincere. yes I do use that many exclamation marks genuinely. you can ask me if you're not sure
• I'm generally happy to give clarification on most of my posts
• please also read my part 2 in replies

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so at this point I should probably start researching UK top surgeons so I can pick one. if you've had top surgery in the UK (NHS or private, the choice of surgeons is the same) and can describe your experience or if you have any comments, recs, anyone to avoid, I'd appreciate DMs about it!!

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hello. it is my 2nd biHRTday today

i have written a longish thing (~1100 words) about transitioning with testosterone - personal experience, light advice, heavy rambling - that you can read if you want to. i will post it as a thread below

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here it is:
:heart_trans: how to change your name and gender marker on a uk passport :heart_nb:

it's been 6 months since i did this but this is as clear as i can manage. it's not anywhere near as hard as i thought. if i have to redraft i'll do it under this post. ok let's go

love how they eat a couple of seeds, look around, beep, then eat some more seeds. it's a leisurely social approach to bird brunch

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there are four perches so one day we're gonna get full marks for goldfinch attendance

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no more benefit of the doubt. you're already getting the benefit of me not kicking whatever accursèd hardware is sustaining your instance into a pile of splinters

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But still no one had as yet plumbed the depths of the words?

the scariest thing about the queen being obviously dead, is that they're saving the announcement for when they want to slip something so horrible past everyone the 'nation' must be 'mourning' in order to let it go by

Mutual Aid Seeking Tips:

-Don’t apologize or self-flagellate
-Write exactly what you need money for
-Write exactly how much you need
-clearly state a time frame/deadline if any
-keep it brief but feel free to include context on the situation or who you are/specific marginalized status
-Try as best you can to have at least 2 payment methods, the more the better
- 2-3 relevant hashtags l
-clearly state if boosts or reposts are appreciated
-update funding status every so often for accountability!

psst.... yall got any.... dangerous.... info

Do not share any dangerous information over Mastodon.

the liberals are constantly chasing me around the house crying "meow meow meow"

how about that Beast of Bodmin Moor, eh?

I got louder, better video but my craving for frog noises was too great and the other videos are not sending on here

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