i want @byttyrs to give a talk on british lads hit each other with chair

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my coping mechanism at this hard time is watching 'british lads hit each other with chair' at least 3 times a day


(bravely) i do not know how to 'jack off'. i wouldn't even begin to understand how to 'have a wank'

kissing booth but you pay me to briefly think of your face whilst im cracking one out. that will be five pounds please.

i could very easily 'go viral' on any number of social media platforms, should i so choose, yet instead i post on here & ask for nothing in return except several hundred dollars a month to spend on drugs and weapons

'family guy'? big fucking wow. ive got relatives. i was born because two of them fucked. so what. fuck off.

'hope he sees this, bro' i yell at the priest during mass

'animation' is an affront to god. a parody of the act of creation, making appear to move what ought to be still

brushing my teeth with washing up liquid for a luxury treat.

japanese cartoons. you guys hear of this? disgusting

imagine if i had well developed social skills and didnt just chance on 'being a laugh' a billion years ago and attempt to use it in all situations.

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everything is very tough and none of the ways i know how to communicate with people are really working and this makes it all harder

feeling like a fucking dingus that i didnt take the nhs up on that free online therapy now im paying real money for online therapy

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