logging in just to boost all my own toots + post nothing new? don’t call it a come back

maybe I'll start taking my meds and doing my full skincare routine and flossing and drinking all those pints of water I decorate the house with

maybe getting massive lip fillers will feel the same as being held at night?????

always thinking about that twet that was like when a guy asks you what's the craziest thing you've ever done he means like having sex outside not your truly most unsound behaviour

got a real strong urge to be alone in a midrange hotel room

wish my skin would understand that i’m a super hot babe and therefore simply do not have both cystic acne and flaky dry patches

MH, extremely negative, sui 

it feels like I will be doing this for all my life and nothing will ever get better and one day he will die and I still will feel like I didn’t do enough

mh - sui, supporting someone 

he’s going to call me all night and I just want to sleep but if I don’t answer and he hurts himself then that will just be fucking awful. I know he’s very unwell but he’s so rude and aggressive and demanding when it’s like this. It’s hard to keep being there.

no ec, body pic in underwear 

don’t be a dick ✌🏻

look, can someone just tell me I have great tits or something pls, not really but I kind of miss it ya know?


Got a big big wine and a loud loud playlist

you are not alone, and for the last time I am sure


I would like to be fizzy happy high

- idek know what to cw this 

I can’t be everyone’s parent and therapist and friend and butler and punchbag. No one is my anything.

MH - sui, crisis, section 

my brother has been on the ward since October, he was meant to be starting over night leave but instead he’s in crisis and has been sectioned again. just spent the afternoon/evening on the phone to my mum who said ‘you deal with it’ and him just screaming at me. completely drained and I want to just cry and for someone to hold me but also I can never cry and only want like one or two particular people to even be near me and they can’t.

I’m in a 60 person teams lecture that has technical issues for the last hour and a half ​:blobugh:

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