you are to be valued, respected, undeniably, every minute of every day

men hating 

I’m home and I’m safe but we all know why I took his photo and sent that and my location to multiple friends, this is just a normal fucking night as a woman and I can’t ever see an end and it’s devastating

of course a lovely girl came and helped me escape

@beka I had to climb over a chair on the bus to get away from him

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fucks sake a very drunk man has come and sit next to me on this empty bus and promptly fallen asleep when I rejected his advances, ban all men tbh

tonight a man yelled ‘I still love you’ as I laughed and walked away, happy valentine’s day to all the bad bitches

if someone would like to pay for me to lay by a pool in a hot country for 5-7 days I would appreciate that

left my headphones at home and i'm on an admin late in the office 😭

felt super cute this weekend for the first time in an age and it feels so good

We're still fundraising for the money to keep paying for Frank's monthly fees and prescriptions, please share and give if you can, thank you, the money raised so far has already made such a difference:

selfie, ec, + boosts 

how am i meant to motivate myself to go to weight lifting when i simply do not want to?

i don't think i like most of the new kesha album 😞

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