rebranding as a chronic illness tooter now because I have to go to doctor three times next week as well as the hospital, for the most part my illness just makes me go to hospital once a year so this swing to constant appts is quite alarming

I have one ticket for tegan and sara tonight in Manchester as my brother can’t go anymore, it was £35 for the ticket and I’d like to get the money back but also if you want to go and can’t afford it let me know

love falling into my bed and face planting the pillow like an apathetic teen in a movie so much

today I am walking two (2) dogs up a big hill and then to a pub for a roast and a pint and I am wearing leggings and a big jumper and maybe I will never come back to London

the men on a new netflix doc people are talking about are my landlords, my flat is complete trash and costs £££, lmao

i’m at my pals house in the cotswolds with two big dogs, lots of blankets and fires and loads of red wine, festive af

wish my skin would understand that i’m a super hot babe and therefore simply do not have both cystic acne and flaky dry patches

will this doctor be shitty and fatphobic or will they help me with managing my b12 and oestrogen levels without mentioning my weight? who knows 🤷🏼‍♀️

my foot hurts so bad today and my ankle is swollen so i’m a little ball of pain and rage just scowling at my desk

@beka using the web version of the apps on a computer is like when all the lights come on at the end of the night in a club

somebody motivate me to actually talk to the people I match with on these apps

lost all of podcasts with my phone and i’m kind of happy to start over again, so what are your recommendations? i’ll listen to most things if they have good, not annoying voices and teach me at least a small thing

Can we make 'PayPal your crush' day a thing and can we pretend you all have a crush on me

got a real strong urge to be alone in a midrange hotel room

can't believe the landlord said we can have a cat! excitedly waiting for the cat rescue to call me back so we book a visit and find our little pal!

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